sometimes you get so lonely…

Day 30.

Well that’s a stormer.

At 12 years old my cousin Tony drove us to Newcastle to see this tour. Not sure how he convinced my parents but he did. Two years later he couldn’t convince my dad to let me go see Led Zeppelin. Maybe my parents wised up.

I remember being terrified, exhilarated and disorientated.

Then there is the band that created its own genre.

This is at the same time sounds ancient and new. And maybe for the first time in my foray into Spaceman territory these songs sounds like they could be on someone else’s album. Of course then they would not be as epic, grandiose and at times overwhelming.

Don’t get me wrong they are all great songs individually they just don’t make me feel like someone is channeling the music of the ancient aliens. I enjoy each song as it happens but at any time I could lift the needle and move on. Hmmm interesting.

Maybe this is the album a veteran of the psychic wars makes in the lull between battles.

I think this may be a grower, I am going to come back to it when it’s settled in for me.

6 thoughts on “sometimes you get so lonely…

  1. Nice read thanks for that Jeff. These connections we make through reading, writing, listening abs playing are important and become more so as years pass.

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