I’m afraid of Americans…

It’s Christmas Eve with all that brings.

Day 24 continued.

It’s been a long journey to here. 2019 was the last Christmas my mum spent with us. I put her on a plane January 2020 and three months later well we all know what happened.

Today she is at home again isolated basically sheltering still from a virus that the ignorant and self centered seem determined to prolong. Not just the idiots unwilling to pay attention to science but the politicians who true to form are more worried about their own pitiful power games. And the sheep who follow their own fears to vote for them.

It’s an age long problem it seems.

I could get maudlin but instead I’m gonna listen to Bowie and his triumphant return to Glastonbury.

I can’t describe the joy this album has brought me this year. I’ve been streaming it in the car as I drive around and it’s just a perfect Bowie concert. The hits the banter the band are tight. so I had to get the record.

Hopefully I’ll get to talk to my mum when she wakes up if I can stay awake that long. If not I’ll talk to her when I wake up in the morning before the insane present binge.

Hopefully I’ll be able to put my flying shoes on in the spring although travel has become more complex.

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