the moments already passed…

Day 18.

It’s a long strange trip ahead of us all.

It’s all a lot to take in.

That insistent bass. Crash cymbals and what is the brass doing. And does that boy sound like the Moody Blues?

It’s the cacophony of the ages.

Strange mix of psychedelia, sixties tv themes and it’s a comforting iciness.

Radiohead only really began to make sense to me after the 2016 election. They have continued to make sense as I mentally prepare for 2024. This feels like a brief respite on some level before the big battle. It’s like that moment in high fantasy novels when everything is going well and then the shit hits.

Then there was this as well.

7 thoughts on “the moments already passed…

  1. This is a wonderful package, unlike Geoff I did talk myself into a fancy one.

    Sitting listening to it in a room lit only by Christmas lights very late at night after a trying day it was perfect.

    1. You all talked me into it. I too sat in the Christmas wasteland listening to the strangeness. I think the third album is on tonight. A bit disappointed the mix is the same.

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