even earthly silence cannot control the spinning wheels of time…

Well let’s see how this works out.

I am for no reason at all, apart from a certain sense of malaise, am going to document my daily listening. Let’s try for a month to see how this goes.

The biggest concern for anyone reading this is there will be a certain amount of repetition. As like many people I am sure I often listen to the same records again and again.

This was as good a place as any to start.

I bought The Trees box set because it seems like something I should own and it was pretty and shiny and beckoning to me from the shelf. So I bought it.

It’s unfair to say that they were influenced by Fairport Convention as they were contemporaries. They are more like the super stoned younger brother that is determined to show off. What they did manage to do however was create two perfect albums in that vaguely psychedelic folk-rock genre that flourished for a moment.

I’ve been living with On The Shore tonight. It’s a jam rock masterpiece that between the meandering keyboards and slithering guitars and Celia Humphris crystal clear vocals takes you on a trip. It’s also fifty this year. I’m not sure it made the book though.

I also have the worst record at keeping this type of serial posting going.

5 thoughts on “even earthly silence cannot control the spinning wheels of time…

  1. Good luck with your goal! I’ve done that to myself so many times, since KMA started in 2006. Sometimes it works, more often it doesn’t but I am easily distractible. You will do better! Also, that sounds like a lovely boxed set that’s right in your wheelhouse. Of course you bought it!

      1. I sometimes found it helped to do a bunch at once, while I was feeling like it, then scheduling them so there was content going up on the days I wasn’t so into it. That could help!

  2. I’ve dug the Trees ever since I found out about them a few years back. I like the description of them as the stoned younger brother of Fairport vying for attention! Unfortunately, hard to find in the States or very expensive online. But I’m determined to get a reasonably priced copy of “On the Shore” which also has one of my fave LP covers.

    1. The box set was fairly reasonably priced and has both albums plus two albums of outtakes and live material. Of course reasonable is a subjective opinion.

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