I’ve been struck a thousand times or more…

Psychedelic man.

Let’s start here.

It’s as good a place as any.

I came to the spiritualized party late. I attended a Spacemen 3 gig sometime in the late 80s bought some twelve inch singles sold them to a record store by the train station in Southport. Walked away and never looked back.

In the late 90s I was six thousand miles away and careering down Burnside in Portland Oregon having lost at pool, drunk too much cheap beer and whiskey when I was dragged into La Luna by Matt for the gig. Those were the days it seemed you could buy a ticket on the door for any gig, how things had changed pre-pandemic.

About halfway through the fog I realized I’d seen that singer before and the Spaceman 3 connection was closed.

It’s not as crazy. It’s intense it’ll break your mind on some days and I’m glad I fell through the door of La Luna. Who knew really.

So to the music, there’s mellotrons, an accordion, a choir and some spacey not so jammy and long songs of reflection, it’s an easy slide into the latter half of the night, it’s not going to keep you up unless you listen to the lyrics closely then you may have to take some time to decompress.

Damn that was 24 years ago it seems.

6 thoughts on “I’ve been struck a thousand times or more…

  1. I’m a recent devotee too. I bought a great fancy reissue of Ladies & Gentleman last year and sometimes it’s the best thing I’ve ever heard.

    What size place did you see them in?

    1. I also bought that fancy reissue before the less fancy and half the price normal reissue. About 4-500 people in a sweaty club and strangely enough for the usa all ages

      1. That’s interesting, US licensing laws usually prevent that don’t they? the fancy reissue is really great though, amazing sounding LP.

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