this land that I live in has god on it’s side…

I just finally bought the first and third Dylan albums. There is some sort of sacrilege involved in that admission. I had the second and fourth. Go figure.

I have greater more shameful admissions in Dylan purchases this week. That may be for a different day though.

On that first album Dylan looks like the fresh faced school boy new to the big city. It’s a slight album. Full of naïveté and cover versions and a couple of Dylan songs. There’s a certain arrogance in the eyes though which is a little unsettling amongst all that baby fat.

Then we get to the third album which is a much more world weary exhausted and bleak album.

Dylan sneers down from the cover and looks like he’s seen the world and is not so sure about things anymore. The baby fat is gone and the half smile is a sneer.

The songs are all here protest, love, politics, self righteous anger and tenderness.

When the ship comes in is also here. One of the greatest songs Dylan ever wrote go non prove me wrong.

3 thoughts on “this land that I live in has god on it’s side…

  1. What’s that line from High Fidelity, Don’t tell anyone you don’t own Blonde on Blonde!
    Admittedly, I don’t yet have #1 and #3, interesting to see that shift in photo tone

  2. I have ’em both! Well done on getting caught up. Love the attention you pay to the faces. It speaks of time spent staring at the LP cover while the record plays. One of life’s great pleasures.

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