my, my, my, I’m so happy…

Every so often you have to play Zeppelin if you are of a certain age.

It’s just a matter of which iteration of Zeppelin you want to go with. This evening there was a journey to Zeppelin and it all makes sense.

A little more Godspeed You! Black Emperor with Luciferian Heights, I think this is in preparation for the new album that should be traveling my way now.

The consternation this album caused in the brain caused me to reach for Topic Records excellent collection of an Introduction to Shirley Collins. Shirley Collins is not that far from Godspeed You! Black Emperor if you are in a certain frame of mind.

The drones and discord of these two albums naturally to my mind led to Led Zeppelin 3 with its mixture of folk, blues and some drones of it’s own. It’s also the only Zeppelin album my wife is able to sit through all of the way which is an added bonus.

It also kicks off with the Viking wails of the anguished on the way to Valhalla.

There is the also the joy of playing with the little wheel in the front cover to see which little picture will poke through the hole this time.

It alI seems a little less focussed and more honest than later releases, a bit messier and less calculated and there is also something that sounds like a banjo in there somewhere.

At the end of the day it’s the little things.

3 thoughts on “my, my, my, I’m so happy…

  1. This may be the only post on the internet to include GY!BE, Shirley Collins, and Led Zeppelin in a cohesive, sensible narrative. I applaud you, sir.

    PS: My copy of the new GY!BE is headed towards me, as well.

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