I know my way is hard and steep…

There’s always been a connection between psychadelic music and folk music, maybe it’s the thought of all that frolicking through the woods in May being pursued by faerie queens to procreate under the shimmering sun until the rising of the moon.

Or maybe there is really no connection other than all those psychedelic types were too out of it to write their own songs so they raided the Childe ballads and Roud collections.

I like to think it is the connection to otherworldliness and and an attempt to explain the unexplainable. Of course what to do I really know?

Maybe it’s the idea that folk music is the music of the people and their wish to have fun.

Not sure where I am going with this other than The Trimdon Grange Explosion are pretty darn good, they are loud irreverent and manage to capture folk without being too attached to the form. Plenty of depth and they are not afraid to be loud which is often the big mistake for-rock-psychedelic bands make. Folk music is not a twee form it is robust or it would never have lasted and most of the tunes are for dancing at the end of the day.

The band came to fruition out of the Eighteenth Day of May, released as single, then disappeared for several years before releasing an album. Go figure:

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