ogreish hey nonny non…

Over here, “hey nonny non” Bruce at Vinyl Connection described Alan Stivell as providing some “elvish hey nonny non.”

This got me to thinking about the ogreish side of the nonny non. Bruce suggested some Sabbath and other options, however I really feel like this deserves some real Celtic feel so here is my suggestion the Irish band Lankum provides a really beautiful complex and engaging sound usually however here on the Pride of Petravore they provide a terrifyingly harrowing track.

Here is my suggestion for the “ogreish hey nonny non” by the way I love it.

I am a bit obsessed with Lankum right now so here is more:

7 thoughts on “ogreish hey nonny non…

  1. Wow that was something else. The beinning is soundtrack to a glomy morning in the aftermath of battle, perhaps, the rest is down the pub party music. That trombone is fun, and I don’t say that often.

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