at night I hang from the ledge…

There has been a not unsurprising resurgence of the introspective album recorded in isolation, we used to call that getting it together in the country, now we call it normal life.

Olivia Chaney has created a truly beautiful isolation album that merits listening to again and again and doesn’t disappoint each time.

Shelter is three years old in June, recorded in then voluntary isolation in North Yorkshire in what sounds like a half falling down house. It is however not a claustrophobic album, it is introspective and obviously very personal, in the way many of Joni Mitchell’s are at once personal and universal.

Still posting shite photies

I am not doing well at putting this in words, I find this to be a compelling album that draws you in to it’s own world. She has a beautiful voice that is up there with the finest of English folk singers and her songwriting is empathetic and affecting.

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