you own it…

Sandwiched between American Stars and Bars and Rust Never Sleeps, Comes a Time often gets swallowed up by the major songs recorded on those two albums. It’s an album of affecting and effective (see what I did there?) love songs some bitter sweet and then there’s always Motorcycle Mama to stir stuff up.

It took three producers, ten engineers and twelve guitar players and a seventeen piece string section and Nicolette Larson to create what is often described by critics as the simplest and most direct of Neil Young’s albums.

It truly is the middle of the road album, way more than Harvest, there is not a song on here that your mom or dad would make you turn off half way through because they find it uncomfortable. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad album at all it just means it is an incredibly consistent and pleasant album. It’s the album that you can curl up with at the end of the day, the dog at your feet and get cozy with the love of your life. This really is the predecessor to Harvest Moon and its romantic vibe, although there may be as many songs on Comes a Time about the decline of a relationship as the success, but that’s life maybe.

Neil looks pretty happy with himself on the sleeve as well.

Let’s face it in the field of opportunity it’s ploughing time again.

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