see the lonely boy out on the weekend…

Time to slip into some comfy jeans and relax man. It’s been a long strange ride and maybe time for something warm comforting and familiar. Time to head for the middle of the road.

Is Harvest really middle of the road though or was it just thrust there by the record buying public

It’s an album like most Neil Young albums that addresses issues from drug addiction, to racism and somewhere in the middle of this relationships, good and bad. Now it does not always address those issues in a coherent manner. Like most Neil Young albums sometimes the lyrics are clunky and when he gets his hands on an orchestra the production is overblown. Of course that is at times the charm of the song.

It’s always struck me as a slightly quirky if amiable ramble of an album, a bit out of focus and stoned as Neil dealt with his back pain. Rather like the picture in the doorknob in the inside gatefold.

Of course all the classics rock crowd really remember are Harvest, Heart of Gold and Old Man, Alabama, Needle and the Damage Done and Words (between the lines of age) are usually consigned to the go get the popcorn or beer time. These are the same people who walk out of the gig when Neil starts his slightly cynical and ironic politicizing.

So tonight me and the dog rolled up our jeans and relaxed to Harvest and it was good.

After a fairly solid diet from the Rust Bucket this was something of a welcome change although I now want a Crazy Horse version of Words.

5 thoughts on “see the lonely boy out on the weekend…

  1. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t think I have ever listened to Harvest, I know the famous stuff but I don’t think I’ve heard anything else from it.

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