that was the week that was…

Hating the block editor.

Debut album day, not sure why but here they are.

It was all a bit left field today.

Some of this, actually quite a lot of this, has C.F. Mott Teacher Training College in common which may be too obscure for many.

Other parts of the week involved this:

Some additions just to prove I don’t just sit around listening to records and eating grapes all day, sometimes I go out in the woods too.

There’s a lot of Manchester there it seems.

8 thoughts on “that was the week that was…

  1. Great selection! Lots of diversity there.

    [Bloody WordPress and that horrid Block Editor. I hate it too. If you go in via the WP Admin option, you can choose ‘Block’ or ‘Classic’ editor for a new post.]

  2. I quite like the block editor, I’ve been using it for over a year now – I think it’s great for visual things and layout. True story.

    Sorry, I am Captain Controversial aren’t I?

    I am really enjoying the Wipers btw, it’s an odd LP.

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