I don’t want to know about evil…

There are such things as perfect albums, After the Goldrush, Blue, Blood On the Tracks, many others I am sure. One of these is Solid Air by John Martyn.

Every song on Solid Air is classic, they range from blues to folk via jazz and rock. Martyn’s voice is expressive throughout, growling cooing and slurring expressively to seduce the listener. At times the music reaches some weird space that Floyd made their own when textures of sound are more important than notes or words. Songs of loyalty and betrayal and mental health and addiction and weariness and friendship all wrapped up in a production that wraps you in a warm loving blanket.

John Martyn could’ve quit after making this album and he would have gone down in history as creating one of the greatest albums of all time. I think this album justifiably appears on every list of greatest albums of all time, so go get one, sit down, relax however you do and wrap your ears around a wonder.

On a strange personal level, every Friday afternoon for years I played this album before heading off into the rock and punk and new wave bars of Liverpool to drink too much, laugh too hard and scream my lungs out at some live band. I for some reason figured this would either settle me down to get through the night or I would be able to channel John Martyn ability to our rowdy anyone. I think that at some point the lyrics to May You Never probably save my young skin on more than one occasion.

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