Losing my place on the map Losing my home Losing my January To December…

It’s almost a year since the last concert we all went to P.C.(pre-Covid) as we have decided to refer to the life before now.

It was Robyn Hitchcock at the Old Church in Portland Oregon.

We never saw Mario the Magician but Robyn was stunning.

This was one day after the first confirmed Covid case in the United States. A couple of weeks later the schools closed and life has effectively never been the same.

On that night I bought Robyns self titled latest record. It sat in its shrink until tonight because I wasn’t ready to break the seal and admit life had changed maybe forever.

I have always enjoyed Robyn Hitchcock’s quirky jangle pop extravagances, he has a vivid imagination that runs wild on occasion, on other occasions he is too wrapped up in his own love of his influences. That’s not the case on this album, there are influences from The Byrds, The Monkees, Barrett and the plethora of other wackiness he so obviously enjoys, they don’t however overshadow the excellence of the album itself. The songs themselves stand up as maybe the best new collection he has put together in a long time. It’s a light and breezy album that lifts the spirit and males you dance.

Now my favorite moment is Autumn Sunglasses which simultaneously sounds like it was recorded in 1967 and 2017 almost as if the Small Faces managed to time travel.

On some level I am sorry I waited almost a year to open this, however it is nice to commemorate a moment before everything changed.

4 thoughts on “Losing my place on the map Losing my home Losing my January To December…

  1. My last gig was shit, the Sisters of Mercy – stomped all over my fond teenage memories of them. I remember standing there, feeling uncomfortable about being amongst so many other people too at that point.

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