go to the shelter…

“The cheaper they are the better they are!”

I really want to love America again. It can be hard right now.

This weekend I have immersed myself in the ironic soft underbelly of America, well to be honest I have been listening to Zappa and the Mothers Roxy and Elsewhere.

Irreverent and truthful. More Trouble Every Day still hits the mark.

“I’m about to get sick from watching my TV…”

Prescient maybe?

“everyday is another rotten mess…”

Sardonically hopeful.

“I’m a watching and a waiting…”

So I tried this a few ways today. First of all I went for a long walk with the dog and the album streaming on my headphones. Yep did the trick even when wading creeks and slogging through the mud.

I lay still as I could on the floor listening during the day. Of course this meant the two year old occasionally jumped on me and rolled around on the floor with me.

Then late at night I turned it down, turned off the lights and listened real close.

“The cowbell as a symbol of unbridled passion, ladies and gentlemen. “

Three times in one day.

Sides 3 and 4 have really stuck with me.

Not to say that 1 and 2 are not excellent as well.

“Jazz is not dead it just smells funny.” Kind of like America these days.

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