Mother I tried, please believe me…

It was late, there’s a pandemic, I got into the bottle of single malt, I have no idea what came over me!

I bought my first Joy Division album.

I have spent most of my cognizant life avoiding any association with Joy Division whatsoever. I have mocked their fans, mocked the band and denied any desire to listen to or own an album.

I was lured by the price which had to be a mistake at $10 (thank you Crossroads Records) and the promise of crystal clear vinyl, also I watched Peter Hook being interviewed and heard him talk of his love for Lemmy and Hawkwind.

Currently I am coming to terms with my purchase.

I am feeling that from my new enlightened willingness to listen to anything it is time for me to confront my left over demons from the sixth form common room and the incessant playing of this album through every break by pale young men with floppy hair and black overcoats and furrowed brows.

It’s a fine collection of music though now that I am distanced from the trauma of my teenage years, even if I have not fully come to terms with that trauma.

7 thoughts on “Mother I tried, please believe me…

  1. The malt has a lot to answer for. I just bought at the weekend another copy of Mastodon’s Leviathan because I had a few particularly saucy IPAs and wanted to spin Blood And Thunder. I don’t have the Joy Division yet though

  2. Whiskey therapy is universally acknowledged as an effective way to avoid the real issues. Prost!

    (I too recently acquired a Joy Division LP – the first one – without any prior association. Perhaps COVID-19 is to blame?)

  3. In my head, I put these guys with My Bloody Valentine. Not musically, really, just ‘I should probably like these guys but everytime I try it isn’t the right time so maybe next time’ kind of thing. If it’s any help, ROLLINS loves them.

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