squawky, squawky, scrape, scrape…

I’ve stopped buying records, honest governor.

Hot Rats scraped in under the wire in the great new years eve buyathon as the moment of decision loomed over the horizon.

Michelle asked what that squawky scrape scrape music was as it was keeping her awake, she is either a truly discerning individual or has cloth ears. I think it’s pretty darn good.

I was going to wax lyrical about all sorts of things like time signatures and diminished shit, I did however realize that this type of stuff was outside any experience or knowledge I may have.

I have therefore decided to go with what I know.

Hot Rats sounds really great!

And it’s pink!!!!

5 thoughts on “squawky, squawky, scrape, scrape…

  1. Right on brother, you need to just let Zappa be because he just is!

    I’ve bought few records, too. It’s part finance (I haven’t worked in almost a year), and part quarantine (I haven’t worked in almost a year)… a good time to go through everything that’s already here, show it some love.

  2. I bought this same version back in April this year (got bored waiting to inherit an original!). I just love every second of this one – by far my favourite album of Zappas.

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