meet me in the ocean we’ll leave this old highway behind…

And the heavens did open and dumped a flood on us.

This was about 10a.m.

I did however find where the bridge had gone eventually, I just couldn’t get to it. Hopefully when the waters recede we can figure it out.

So we have had windstorm, wild fire evacuation and flood and there was a landslide on the road. I do not however have any Earth Wind and Fire to play so Freewhelin’ Bob Dylan may do?

I hate to say there’s not much else that can happen because there is still snow and ice to come.

I would have taken more pictures but I got too involved in digging drainage and hauling sandbags, building a dam, clearing drainage ditches and standing in water for hours, I am as we may say knackered now.

Back to the record. It’s apocalyptic, full of stone cold classics and well a bit angry at times. Fierce strumming strident harmonica and a good dose of self righteousness. How did I forget I had this sitting in a box in all its mono glory.

Of course there is A Hard Rains-A-Gonna Fall. Which may be why I thought about this tonight who knows.

Just remember, “don’t think twice it’s alright” as the floodwaters rise. The creek almost came knocking on the back door. This was about noon today.

Then there was the Dylan.

3 thoughts on “meet me in the ocean we’ll leave this old highway behind…

  1. Dam(n)! Flooding is no fun. First song that popped into my head was Johnny Cash’s Five Feet High And Rising. I hope it’s not that high for you! Hope you get your bridge back! That’s some classic Dylan, though.

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