pouring concrete spew where once were fields…

Remember the days when you had like five records or so total and knew them all by heart?

The database thingy just informed me I have in excess of 1800 albums, of course there are some duplicates that I catalog as well. Well the database didn’t tell me, I just looked. As far as I know it does not talk.

I mention this because it has become necessary to buy another shelf. I am not lucky enough to have a designated space/room for my records, I also have a very understanding wife, this means the record collection is the major decorative item in the living room. I have also recently been thinking I should do something about all those CD’s in boxes in the shed. There really has to be a limit on some level to how much music I can bring into the living room, there is now overflow into the bedroom as well.

I opened a box today and discovered a Bay City Rollers album. I have no idea why I thought this was a good idea to buy, or the David Essex album sitting next to it.

I also scroll through and look at the alleged prices of the records and wonder how we got here. Someone once told me they are worth what you would pay for them.

I guess I understand they are to some extent collectors items, they did however used to be items to enjoy by playing not just curating. I belong to a facebook group about playing records, people take pictures of their records and post them. A recent development has been people taking pictures of their sealed records that they are just collecting, somewhere out there is someone who is not listening to a record because someone is hoarding it to take a picture of it. How we have fallen as a species?

I discovered I had forgotten I had a copy of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, see this is the problem, too much shit, or is there ever too much? It’s okay to have a hobby and I think I have listened to the majority of them, maybe not the Rollers yet!

Then I hit the freaking motherlode of shame and panic buying, yes count them eight Bevis Frond albums, all sealed up and sitting there never played. I have actually become the festive consumer and I am about to consume the feast in all it’s lysergic brain fried excellence.

Then in another box two Porcupine Tree albums, still sealed, what is actually wrong with me was the thought I had as I tried to figure out how these albums ended up in a box on the bedroom floor never played.

I am not going to take a picture of these albums all sealed up, I am going to take the time split the seal and sit down and take some time to listen.

It may be time to think about admitting I may have a problem.

Tonight though I a going to spend some time with The Bevis Frond and take the time to enjoy London Stone. Careering between stoner mayhem and power pop balladry via some folky introspection and a little power trio foot on the fold back monitor mayhem. Thank the heavens for Nick Saloman and his tasty guitar noodlery to remind us all that you can still have fun in rock ‘n’ roll. Plus he got Barry Dransfield to play on the record.

7 thoughts on “pouring concrete spew where once were fields…

  1. Man, I totally feel this post. Like, right in my bones. There is so much stuff here. My probelm is that I can get albums where I work for almost nothing, so many treasures follow me home. Still, I have done two massive culls in the past two years. Boppin says any cull is future regret. But honestly, I can think of only one album I’ve jettisoned in those purges that I regretted losing, and I’ve since replaced it at minimal cost. I’m thinking of doing a third. But I need to be sure in myself that this is honestly necessary, not just my having been in the house close to 300 days and feeling overwhelmed by the stacks. Thoughts?

  2. Good job I have never succumbed to this collecting bug, isn’t it?

    All my records, proudly opened and played. Well, at least once, two decades back. That’s why I started blogging, to make sure I play everything again and to record my thoughts on it.

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