like a druid in the old days…

Tyrannosauruses Rex, the cult band that went pop and became T. Rex.

I remember hunching over a record player with my cousin Tony as he explained to me how great the single Ride A White Swan. I must have been about 5 or 6 I had not idea what was going on, the lyrics never really ever made sense but it was so different from the other things I was hearing at home with my folks. Sometime after this Tony’s mum banned rock music in their house. My aunt has some, shall we say troubles.

This resulted in Tony keeping all of his records at our house and a whole world of music opening up to me. He would walk over most days from his house to sit in our dining room and play records and do his homework and help me with maths. My parents were pretty liberal with what they allowed to be played most of the time as long as there was melody and you could understand the words, sometimes they got tired of the weird shit, they had no reason other than it was tough to listen to. They often felt this way about their favorite bands/artists, they were equal opportunity intolerants.

Three things I knew. I wanted a tall hat, long hair and a tattooed gown. Anything less was going to be unsatisfactory.

All I managed in the end was the long hair, hats were a thing I have never really come to terms with wearing.

4 thoughts on “like a druid in the old days…

  1. What a git to you, having that rock collection move in, and an older cousin who could work through it with you! Me, I like hats, but around here it’s generally a survival thing – keeping the sun off the baldness in summer, and keeping the baldness warm in winter.

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