low flying panic attack…

Sometimes I wish it was the twentieth century again.

Usually late at night when things are quiet. Right now the Christmas tree lights are flickering in the gloom and it is quiet, apart from the records playing low.

This is not a nostalgia thing, I am very content with my life, my relationship, my children, grandchild and the dog. We live in a bucolic paradise when not being threatened by wildfires, Covid and the marauding gun toting neighbors and right now the mud, mud everywhere.

It just seemed that the twentieth century was just a bit simpler in many ways. The internet had not exploded itself all over life, video calls were the stuff of science fiction and Donald Trump was properly identified as a failed business man holding on desperately to celebrity.

This was supposed to be one of those round up the year type posts. I am going to give it a go.

The year started off with a sense of hope and a deep dive into the shallow end of Krautrock, at some point a pandemic happened and the US government under the sway of a failed businessman, serial bully and probable abuser completely fucked up the response by pretending that because you said something would end it would. The population became overwhelmed by the constant lying and pretty much gave up. Dr Fauci looked perturbed, we all felt his sense of hopelessness in the face of stupidity.

I had a good time early pandemic with Kraftwerk, Harmonium. Neu and Faust, with large doses of Klaus and Tangerine Dream.

Mid pandemic Radiohead became pretty important from a listening perspective, avoiding the first two albums for no reason at all as summer faded towards the election Kid-A and O.K. Computer became essential listening while driving and sitting at home wondering what the fuck was happening. A Moon Shaped Pool became a solid favorite and some time was spent watching live videos of the band on Youtube for a hot minute. Thom Yorke however became distracting and your correspondent returned to the albums. I still have not braved Hail To The Thief although Amnesiac was a shock and surprise, I had not paid enough attention to Radiohead to know the album was recorded alongside Kid-A.

As we entered the final quarter of the year the Stones suddenly rose like a megalithic beast from the depths, after years of Beatles loyalty I bought my first Stones record. Now I owned three or four prior to the but they had been given to me and I had a great London Years CD collection. Exile on Main St. led to a cavalcade of Stone age vinyl flooding through the doors. I have still yet to manage to digest this in any meaningful manner.

As the election faded in glory and I realized at least forty percent of the country believed the orange baboon had actually won and supported his attempted coup I had a moment of despair. This coincided with my re-discovering the glories of This Mortal Coil from the ravaged vestiges of my 80’s wild life. More on that as I get my head around things. All I can think is that we have to hold our breath to get to the point of new leadership and hopefully the idiot in chief will be thwarted from his attempt to dismantle anything wholesome left in this country, drain the swamp indeed. I am horrified at the lack of moral fiber the Republican party has shown and the willingness to pander to the lowest common denominator of it’s leadership and membership.

The pandemic has shown how fragile this society is, how can the richest country in the world have the level of sickness, hunger and infant mortality it does? It has also shown how craven this society is as people hold on to their own shit, more people die every day than on 9/11 and the fucktards in the street will not even wear a mask as it impinges on their freedoms?

Anyway it was a year, I listened to some records, got angry, got frustrated, got maudlin, wrote some crap and even some stuff I thought was okay, called my mum every day and walked the dog I tried to be kind to the people I live with. I grew some tomatoes and survived.

Some other stuff happened along the way, some was good, some was upsetting, some was just plain weird.

Thats the look this year gets.

Sometimes I wish it was the twentieth century again.

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