I was going to rock, I really was, I was going to roll, it was going to be glorious.

I stood there looking at my choices, and ended up playing Reflection by Brian Eno, fifty four minutes of ambient bliss. It’s not rocking though. in fact it may be the antithesis of rocking.

There’s a certain irony to owning an L.P. of a piece of generative music, as it is fixed, it can never generate. Apparently the streaming version changes seasonally, I have no idea about that as I have not streamed it, there is also an app that is thirty plus dollars that provides endless variations, again I don’t have that and at that price may never.

So what do I have?

I am not going to even pretend to be able to truly get what is going on. I read all these reviews that go into all sorts of details about why and how Reflection is important, maybe the most important of Eno’s ambient albums. How Eno feels it is the closest to his vision, you do however get the idea that the generative iOs app is what he is talking about here not the snapshot the album is.

I do know that if you feel the need to sit for awhile and just listen without interacting with the world then this is the finest piece of music to do that to. The other thing is you essentially get two double albums, the record is supposed to be played at 45rpm, it is however just as valid a listen at 33 and 1/3rd revolutions.

It is however truly beautiful and captivating and compelling at any speed.

It is also impossible for me to photograph, mainly because of the damn reflection.

People with greater skills than me will do a better job of this I am sure.

4 thoughts on “degenerative…

  1. So did you choose 33 ⅓ or 45 for this spin? Love me some Eno. Perhaps where the music is generative is what it does to you personally, when you hear it. Each iteration is different generation. Hm…

    1. I actually played both over the evening, I almost,ost preferred the slower. version as it allowed more time to sit with the music, it was a good experience in these times and there was much generation in the mind.

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