that is a fact of life…

It’s all going to be okay, the orange turd has declared defeating the pandemic as his greatest accomplishment.

Maybe someone should tell the pandemic.

I was trying to come to terms with this on some level and then I decided to play some of the most brutal angry fucking music I own. Welcome to King Crimson’s The Power to Believe. It’s a brutal glorious ass shaking ride through the darker side of rock and roll.

The last studio album by Crimson and it was 17 years ago. It at times feels like a juggernaut squashing your brain out of your ears at a level of intensity that is usually saved for playing to terrorists holding out in the US embassy in some small middle eastern country. It’s hard to believe such a nice looking man in a conservative suit like Robert Fripp could be the mastermind behind the beautiful cacophony emanating from my speakers this evening, and then there are the quiet bits. This feels like the end of a thought that began with 21st Century Schizoid Man, and it was an unsettling thought at that.

So if you have had enough of the world outside and want to cleanse your brain it is the perfect antidote to the lies of the political world. There is one thing that is true about Crimson that is that while the music may not always be traditionally beautiful it is always honest.

One thought on “that is a fact of life…

  1. Never, ever heard of this one at all – I shall check it out. The cover is superb.

    I hadn’t realised the pandemic was over, I wish someone had said that before.

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