show me some more…

Pretentious tosser!

Drunken bad lounge singer!

Complete and total waste of a half hour!

Damn no more of that sixth form poetry.

Did they get a bass player yet?

Not the f#*#in Doors again please!

All of these things have passed my lips over the last 50 or so years. I am not sure if I have stopped occasionally saying these things about The Doors over the years. I do however finally admit the influence they have had on rock music since Jim shuffled off this mortal coil so long ago at a young age.

I can sing along with just about every Doors album released and in that I include the terrible spoken word pieces. I can also bounce around the room jiggle and wiggle my hips in a dreadfully un-sexy way and if I had a mike stand I know I could do the staggering almost falling over swagger and sway through a song until collapsing on the floor, also when I had hair in the right light in a dim room with many a drunk around I could convince myself that in my leather jacket and winkle pickers I was the spitting image of gentleman Jim.

I do like the album Strange Days most of the way through and especially the discordant wicked out psychedelia of When The Music’s Over.

It is also one of the two Doors albums I have owned consistently since about 1979 when as a callow thirteen year old I was attracted to the 50p price at a church jumble sale. This probably makes it like the third or fourth album I ever bought, it was promptly on regular rotation on the house radiogram when my dad was not home.

My dad would refuse to let that hippy crap be played in the house when he was around. My mum was much more willing to put up with the strange sounds, I would however have to sit real close to the speakers as she didn’t like it too loud.

It’s a smashing album cover as well.

Confession time: I actually like every Doors album to some extent and I think they are an astonishingly great band with a super sexy lead singer and cosmically gifted keyboard player. (my wife made me say that…)

5 thoughts on “show me some more…

  1. OK, if I have to admit to aligning with either the Intro or the Outro, I’ll go the former. Though I absolutely agree that there are bits to like on all those Doors albums I’ve listened to. I don’t know why I never succumbed to their lizard king allure. Maybe I never had the right shoes or leather jacket.
    And a moment’s silence, ladies and gentlemen, for the days when you could find decent albums for a buck.

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