I’m worried now but I won’t be worried long…

It’s the update…

Well we moved from one place to the next like transients until we ended up at the coast.

At the start of the week I decided to come back and see what was left, the house at that point was still in the Level 3 Go Now evacuation zone. As I drove into my small town I was taken by the signs posted by the locals threatening looters and for a time I worried about my safety not from fire but from roving bands of vigilantes. I took some defensive tactics of having the dog sit in the front passenger seat and waved at everyone I saw, luckily this tactic worked and I was safe from the “law abiding” citizens.

It felt like I had entered some strange alternate reality. For gods sake it’s only stuff, who needs to get shot at for stuff. It was then I realized how deep the divisions in this country are. Social media was full of the lie that Antifa had started the fires, the citizenry where not even willing to believe Law Enforcement when told this was not the truth, they were so excited by the lie and what that allowed them to do that they had no interest in truth.

I made it to my property and thankfully everything was in one piece, a bit of a mess but nothing had been damaged. There was no power so I decided to spend the night on a couch again, and work called.

The next day as the area was downgraded to Level 2 and the power came back on. the signs went down and people appeared to settle themselves down.

The sunflowers were starting to bloom in the smog.

With the aid of some tape and filters laying around I set up a filtration system with the heat pump on re-circulating the airflow, surprisingly it all works.

Syd was super happy to be back in his woods. The amount of windfall from the wind storm that blew all this up was incredible. Gonna have to sweep the forest I guess.

This morning the air quality was worse than yesterday but at least I am home.

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