I ride humanity on a sea of blood…

By my own rules, that if it doesn’t get to a point that I feel comfortable within a week with a post it goes in the trash. I just deleted  a post that covers everything from federal behavior in Portland Oregon, Covid-19 fears and worries, the dangers of isolation, Alzheimer’s affects on our family and my running stats for the last four weeks/ this is not so interesting apart from at 54 I was convinced by my 20 year old son to start running in the trail at our home.

What we are left with is not much really other than a week or so worth of listening with little comment:

Apparently I have listened to 21 albums in the last week or so, mostly in the folk/folk-rock genre with detours to Dylan, Young and the mighty Hawkwind Live 79 which will drag you kicking and screaming out of any doldrum. Martin Carthy and Sandy Denny seem to have been the most frequent appearances on the turntable.

We have also, well by we I mean my children, been building a fire pit. In my mind this was a slight depression in the ground that a fire could be built in, my sons and grandson have decided this is a more complicated proposition. It has involved concrete, cinder blocks and tractoring all of which I am in favor of, and I get to not do the work so win for all.

Right about now it may be fortunate that other post never got to a point I was happy with. This has been a lot more positive and life affirming in its own way.

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