What makes you blush?

I was searching for an all out mad hard rocking wig out of a record in the collection this evening.

What I ended up with was an album of folk songs with an at the time unusual brass heavy arrangement with Brass Monkey. This was in the days before Bellowhead when brass instruments were for orchestras and brass bands. So you have the guitars of Martin Carthy, the reeds of John Kirkpatrick and the trumpets, saxophones, flugelhorn and trombones of Howard Evans , Martin Brinsford and Roger Williams. 1983 was an odd year apparently.

I remember at the time the arguments about brass instruments as drunken tankard waving purists insisted it was sacrilege, especially the lack of fiddles. They were usually quieted by the surrounding bearded types. It is a great racket though as proven later on by many a band throughout the years. The arrangement of Sovay is something special. Listening to the record I am reminded how great this band was live, pretty raucous and wild at times, even with those stately instrumentals.

There is something about English tunes that lend themselves to a brass treatment. Let’s also remember that the songs that are not about getting drafted and killed in an imperialist conflict are about dancing and having sex, so all the bases are covered here.

Anyway I was hankering for raucous rock and roll and I ended up with a little folking. And what a sexy bunch of left wing reprobates they are. From a time when hanging out under the overpass was not a dangerous preoccupation.


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