so many things I would’ve done…

It’s hard to gauge the importance of a band in your life until the members start dropping off this mortal coil.  Sometimes the bit players have more importance than the stars it seems, this became truly self evident this week as Judy Dyble died of lung cancer this week.  Swarb’s death was a blow as was Trevor Lucas and Sandy Denny’s so long ago. Jerry Donahue’s illness was shocking but Jude’s death is something that hurts.

Maybe it’s because I spent an afternoon in a field drinking tea with her , she had met my children and I had stumbled into her with Robert Plant and was too shell shocked to take a picture. No we were not friends, she probably would never remember me, she was however a truly gracious, warm and loving person so when you spent time with her you were important to her. She was generous with her time and her consideration and most importantly her warm caring smile. She was all the things that have been said about her in the many obituaries, self effacing, generous and humble.

Judy Dyble was also cool and I mean seriously cool. She had played at the UFO cub,  hung out with Syd Barrett, knitted on stage as Hendrix jammed was there for the nascent King Crimson, invented the genre of wyrd/psych folk with Trader Horne, Robert Plant had a crush on her and she in her beauty epitomized 60’s psychedelic goddess to a tee. She was also the first female singer with Fairport Convention if you didn’t already know. There was something truly special about her very English phrasing on their covers of American country rock/pop track on that first album.

All of Judy’s albums are worth hearing. They are quirky and wondrous creations that hover in the recesses of your memory after hearing. The musicians that appear on her albums are perhaps the bigger names, however remember they came to play with Judy and were proud of it.

So goodbye Judy and good luck, I hope you are with your greyhounds and hanging with Syd and Jimi again.

I found solace this week in her Anthology Part 1. and I sat here wondering would there be a Part 2 or 3?

IMG_3691 2.JPG


4 thoughts on “so many things I would’ve done…

  1. With all that’s going down at present, I’d noted the death but not read anything until now. So thank you, Neil. Although the only Judy I have is the Fairport debut, that album is one I really like for (not despite) its’ 60s tropes. I liked your stories too.

    1. I should have talked about the music, maybe next time, this has some wonderful work with Giles, Giles and Fripp and one of the better covers of See Emily Play

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