went walking through the trees yes…

It’s been a few weeks of life.


Me and Cody drained the swamp, it was one of the wettest Junes on record here in Oregon and our clay soil really played a number on our yard. We went outside one afternoon and it was almost as if a whole lake had formed in the yard right were we have to walk as well.IMG_7484

We successfully managed to redirect a considerable amount of water away from our vegetable garden.

Pandemic living has taken on a rhythm of its own. Head out to work occasionally visiting programs etc, wearing the infamous mask, avoid as much as you can high risk situations.  The protests have continued and we entered July with all the pomp and ceremony that brings with it.

We finished off the tiny home in the yard or “the shed” giving Ben his independence from us on some level and making ourselves slightly poorer by his absence. Of course he is at the end of the bark chip path, not quite the yellow brick road. Next is the composting toilet out there,


It was hard to celebrate the country so we attempted to celebrate each other, Chris went hiking with his girlfriend refusing to celebrate a country that would hurt his children, of course hasn’t had any yet but he is quite adamant. We barbecued hamburgers and bratwurst and gave my mother in law a 4th she could connect to, Alzheimer’s is stealing her from us day by day so not pushing the boundaries was all we could do for each other, at least she smiled a lot.

This has been a year of conundrums that don’t seem to be clearing up any time soon.

I spoke to my friend John the other day. This made me think of Jethro Tull so I pulled out the 20th Anniversary of Jethro Tull box set which is now something like 32 years old.  It’s funny that in 1988 we were sitting listening to what was I think at the time one of the first of the coming craze of box sets. The first time hearing the radio sessions the Chateau D’Isaster Tapes along with other rare tracks and other essential tracks. My copy doesn’t have the booklet and the box looks like it was used as a table or some other use. The records however are in great condition.

There is something about Tull that is infectious, the bawdy humor, the strange time signatures the over the top posturing that is just a good time for all. Actually I know it is not everyone who can tolerate the quirkiness. If you can get past the posturing however there is a surprising amount of social commentary going on in a very odd way.

This collection probably covers the hey days of Tull, there are however too many omissions to make a fan happy, although it was at the time good to hear the rarities gathered together although now they are freely available to stream, buy, on just about every “definitive” version of every album ever produced by the band.

My main complaint is there is not enough as in nothing from Heavy Horses although I probably missed something I am sure.


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