if you know what I mean…

It’s Hawkind there are allegedly only 500 copies made and it’s the legendary Greasy Truckers show.

The downside it’s probably three sides of vinyl forced onto one single disc, it is a lost assuredly a CD transfer to vinyl, it’s definitely a dodgy release probably not benefitting a single band member at the end of the day.

The upside, it’s the classic lineup droning on in full on blanga mode rocking the socks off of a crowd of stoned weirdos at the Roundhouse Greasy Truckers Benefit.


The Blanga guide is here: BLANGA, the creators stopped in 2010 and it looks like it is the end of the Blanga guide but it gives you a fine breakdown of this art form even if you find yourself occasionally disagreeing with the scoring. Actually frequently disagreeing with the ranking but thats the fun it’s all an opinion.

So you get the classics, Earth Calling< Master of the Universe Born To Go and the birth of Brainstorm as Brainstorm Jam, that is something worth spreading on your toast in the morning. You also get the original version of Silver Machine before Lemmy overdubbed the vocal and made it a monster, Nothing to complain about and everything to enjoy during these pandemic times when our leaders are doing their level best to kill us and our children. Oh for a happier simpler time when all you needed was to plug in drop a tab of acid and drop out to Hawkwind.

So if you are lucky enough to find a copy, you can’t have mine, make sure you turn it up loud as there is so much on the single disc you will need to and rock out or head into inner space whichever is more palatable to you at the moment and enjoy the zonked out honking of Hawkwind in 1972, somehow it is entirely appropriate that this is a bootleg.

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