life’s like this…

So I became somewhat confused at some point in the week and I just realized it is Friday.


  1. I have not eaten anything I or someone in this household didn’t cook for over 6 weeks, maybe longer.
  2. It is really hard to find garbanzo beans, thats chick peas.
  3. The damn clay soil is defeating me in building a garden.
  4. Neighbors are pretty cool when they turn up with a tractor and rototiller to attack the clay soil.
  5. I keep thinking I don’t do much at work until my wife kept track of the meetings and phone calls and interruptions to the day, I actually have a job and it sucks doing it from home.
  6. My record buying has decreased.
  7. I have read 14 books, only 3 of them were work related.
  8. I have started staying up later, but not sleeping later.
  9. I don’t want to listen in on another state agencies Covid-19 pandemic meeting, but I will, it’s my job.
  10. I like being home, just not working from home.
  11. My bedroom makes a lousy office.

life’s like this right now:


5 thoughts on “life’s like this…

  1. Good neighbours are priceless – and I’m with you on the staying up, but not sleeping in, later. And it’s more the subject matter of a direct message / private comment (which I don’t think one can do on wordpress), but how is your son doing? I hope his recovery is going well

    1. Thanks god neighbors are priceless,My son so far has made a full recovery but we in general don’t know what long term affects there may be. He is back at school online and has started his internship in the ER this week so he seems well and glad to be getting out of the house.

  2. I thought of you just now as I am blasting Rattus Norvegicus.

    I’m going to start working from home on Thursday, my work has only just got me what I need to do so. I’m looking forward to it to be honest.

    I’m going to bed earlier, not having to stay up late to try and cram some living into my life.

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