even a chicken has to what it has to do…

There are not enough accordions in rock music.

There are not even enough accordions in folk music.

There are for sure not enough accordions in folk-rock music.

There are also sad to say these days not enough electric guitars in folk-rock music.

IMG_3391.JPGThere are enough fiddles and bohdrans and even freaking pipes of the bag and uillean variety, I was even watching the kind of cringeworthy Dave(I will not say David)Gilmour family get together on facebook the other day and there is a harp along with a guitar, so there are clearly enough harps in all sorts of music.

In the heady days of the mid 70’s there were plenty of electric guitars in folk-rock music. There were also accordions and mandolins and many fiddles.

There was however only one remaining folk-rock duo willing to stretch those instrumentals out to psychedelic excess along with the more accessible songs about poor boys, whiskey nightmares and meaningful songs of shame. That was Richard and Linda Thompson, the most missed duo of the seventies if I might say. As far as I know nobody is calling for the return of Elton John and Kiki Dee. I may be wrong however.

Now those psychedelic guitar solos are probably explained by Mr Thompson as some IMG_3392.JPGsort of religious ecstatic experience an expression of deep spiritual yearning and fulfillment. I am however going to go with the mere fact that they explore subconscious parts of the mind that only six string played by a maestro can. Especially on Night Comes In. Yes Sufi-whirling may be what Thompson is singing about but there is a lot of mention of wine drinking too. Oh well if you really want to hear an out of the box version get Guitar Vocal and sprawl out with Thompson guitar and John Kirkpatricks accordion as they soar and swoop through the night.

So there are sufficient accordions on Pour Down Like Silver, there are also adequate fiddles, trumpets and cello’s. There is a crack rhythm section but no rhythm guitarist. It is starker than the earlier albums and definitely less polished than the following if that means anything.

It also ends with one of the great songs in the folk-rock world with Dimming of the Day.

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