and I pause for awhile…

It must be Easter, I am sat here in the yard playing Pink Floyd’s Meddle. This album is inextricably connected to Easter for me.

I am not sure how this happened, but it did and so for the last forty years or so I have sat down and played Meddle, most often in the back yard. In the early days of this ritual I would place my speakers out of the window, these days I use bluetooth headphones and stream the album, today however I did this and in the evening played the record in all its stereo glory. Twice in one day without a blink. I also noticed I have two copies of the album, interesting. I can in miming count 15 copies of this album on various media have passed through my hands.

I could tell you how great an album it is from start to finish.

I could wax lyrical about its  connections to Easter for me. I could come up with some weird strange reason, first time I dropped acid, falling in love, first solo vacation or something more exciting.


The mundane truth is that Meddle is the third Pink Floyd album I heard. I borrowed it from the library during the Easter holidays and played it incessantly, enough to the point my dad would leave the room when it came on. It at some point became attached to that feeling of Spring, cold mornings and warm balmy afternoons, daffodils and birdsong.

It is an album that because of its associations for me has become a fixture in my listening habits. It is an album you can get lost in and if it wasn’t for Seamus it would be just about as perfect an album as you could get. It sits in that happy period right before Floyd exploded into the consciousness of the world. It is an innocent album, lazy, lolling, a hippy spring before the turmoil to begin.

So while Cody napped and everyone else took the chance to do something useful, me and Syd the dog sat out in the sun, he chased balls and lay in the creek to cool off and I listened to Meddle.


It’s been a funny old Easter, we had no eggs, chocolate or otherwise. My mum however did put on her new dress to FaceTime us so that it felt special and my uncle Robert had pictures of his family taped to chairs in the yard.

Yesterday we used the last eggs to make oatmeal chocolate cookies, today we used the last of the flour and yeast to make bread to go with the spaghetti we had for Easter dinner. My middle son saved us all today by dropping off a gallon of milk and some coca-cola. He couldn’t find any toilet paper which leaves six rolls in the house for five adults and a toddler. This may become a problem eventually.

In the evening we took a stroll and observed the sunset. A relaxing none commercial Easter.


I think I need new work boots though the Converse hi-tops don’t hold up.



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