feel the wind blow…

Something so joyous it can take you out of the doldrums.

The best album by Dave Swarbrick, Simon Nicol, Richard Thompson, Dave Pegg and Dave Mattacks not called Full House. Bruce Rowland also comes along for the ride.


Mostly instrumental apart from the one Sandy Denny track it’s a fun album that reminds you why the Full House lineup of Fairport Convention were so good, true folk-rock, electric guitars and electric fiddles.

It’s fifty years since Full House came out, and eleven years between this album and Full House, none of that really means much apart from I will not be going to Cropredy to see the Full House lineup plus Chris Leslie perform.

Smiddyburn however completed a pretty good day today, the sun shone, the dog played, we fixed the fence, no razor wire yet, and we dug a pretty big hole and carried on the work on the new tiny home in the yard for the youngest, he is not up to helping yet as he works his way through the viral days but at least work keeps going


We will get there eventually, plenty of time for working on it as we are all home now.


It’s a shed really we call it a tiny home to make Michelle happy, it is however a very nice shed.


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