on the bridge levitating because we want to…

I have only ever bought one album because the band decided to name themselves after a Hawkwind album. That is Need for Not by Terry Bickers band Levitation. Now that story may be apocryphal but I so want it to be true. Mainly because Levitation is one of my favorite albums of all time and I just convinced myself to buy the three LP version with the Live show included.


Need for Not is the closest I have ever heard to the sonic onslaught of Hawkwind by another band without attempting to be Hawkwind, it’s also at times as if the Beatles joined Brock and the boys for an afternoon. It’s an all encompassing aural explosion that is as uncompromising as Terry Bickers apparently. It’s something to do with the confusing interplay of the guitar and the drums, finesse, frantic, frenetic and far out. There should be a man at the end of that.

I have no way of trying to explain what is going on here  it’s not that easy. It’s complicated, there is melody and power and mind expandingly expansive sound collages, the bass keeps you centered and the drums drive you on while the guitar just messes with your brain.

I am also totally bummed that I have a promo copy without the cool psychedelic album sleeve, I feel a shopping spree coming on.

So at the end of the day is it important to know if Terry Bickers named his band after a Hawkwind album, not really, but it’s good to think he did.

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