and it all starts again…

There are those who say that Deluxe by Harmonia sounds dated, others say it boring and some have long pretentious reviews going on and on about the influences that the band had.


The dated comments confuse me as it was recorded in 1975, which is now 45 years ago, so dated is well, a silly statement, it sounds of its time. The rest are on their own.

So the other nights Harmonia Live 1974 was terrifying activating the amygdala in all its reptilian glory, this on the other hand is soothing and will get your temporal lobe rocking to auditory stimulae. Go figure, it’s the same band only months apart, maybe this is the essence of what makes Harmonia great, they are never the same band and yet are aways the same band.

Side 1. is two long rhythmic tracks definitely in the motorik tradition with some lyrics occasionally.

Side 2. is some shorter tracks, some lively and others not so, hooks aplenty and ambient at times.

It’s easy to see the influence Harmonia had on Eno, Bowie, Hawkind and pretty much any band that plugged in a synthesizer in the eighties or nineties. I am also convinced that Michael Rother and Dave Brock went to the same school of guitar playing as he is the only other person who can be that precise in his playing, Brock is maybe more violent.

The band  look so cosmopolitan hanging at the beach. This was in the days when grown men would lounge fully clothed at the beach taking in the sights apparently. Rother really mellowed out those Cluster noise merchants, so much so that they borrowed the instruments he left in their studio to record Zuckerzeit but thats another record all together.



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