I still dream of orgonon…

I’ve been on  a bit of a Kate Bush kick recently. This has nothing to do with the massive crush I had on her throughout the 80’s and 90’s, absolutely nothing, in fact all rumors to the contrary are a lie designed to sully my good name.

But lets be honest what’s not to admire about Kate Bush, she’s incredibly talented, does whatever she wants and answers seemingly to no-one but herself. The fact that she has never made a truly awful album helps as well.

Some of this has been to do with finding a whole bunch of the boxed sets of her repackaged re-released vinyl as well as the live collection Before the Dawn for less than $30 a piece. Of course this all added up to a lot in the end and it’s a massive amount of music to come to terms with. I actually only bought three of them, I have the other albums and it seemed a bit extreme to own them all so many times, so I got III and IV and Before the Dawn.


To be honest I am not sure I have come to terms with it all.

Before the Dawn itself is a massive piece to listen to and take in. It’s surprising there are no overdubs. I am going to believe her in this as she has never lied to me before. As to be expected it sounds amazing, Kate’s voice is exceptional, the band are well what you would expect of a Kate Bush band, and well it’s easy to get lost in the whole thing. There is all you need from a Kate Bush album, world music sounds, hits and prog rock excesses disguised as pop music, or is that pop music disguised as prog excess?


There’s also those damn weird and freaking scary Fish People, like some avenging Doctor Who Seadevil clones lurking beneath the waves ready to drag you down with them to their evil lair under the sea.


This all being said I am really happy Kate got saved from the Fish People and the ocean waves.


With all that has gone on in the fucked up world of the USA this week it is good to know Kate got saved.

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