no payola in his alphabetical file…

Today the unthought, unconsidered and unconscionable happened. I heard the Clash on classic rock radio. The home of the 92 minute rock block.

Unusually for me I was listening to the radio, mainly because I was in the garages loaner car as they fixed the great folly of a Jeep Wrangler that I drive. As I picked up the key in the shop Gordie the mechanic smirked and when I asked which car said to look for the white toaster in the parking lot. So for the last couple of days I have driven around town in a white Scion toaster, this gutless wonder with no redeeming features has garnered me ridicule and disdain and occasionally sympathy from passersby, coworkers and clients.

60160401340__6EFA6547-0960-421E-B6A7-F29B78A4FB77 2.JPG

Realistically it’s a vehicle. It works it gets me from point A to point B, it also has no auxiliary plug in or bluetooth,  so I am forced to listen to the radio. This is why this afternoon as I drove home I was forced to listen to Janie Jones playing on this awful stereo system in a car that has no soul on Classic Rock radio. All punk rock sensibilities are gone, no edginess at all and to top it off the next track was AC/DC, which is okay but this is like mixing oil and water. The other problem is it seems that whoever drove it before had programmed every space on the radio with the classic rock station and I was too frustrated to figure out how to change it.

So in the face of a failed impeachment, Brexit starting tomorrow, climate change and the rise of nationalism and fascism and the apparent decline of globalism, it is this first world problem that has caused me the most heartache today.

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