Careful Eugene…

Sometimes late at night I am haunted by a scream.

Its piercing and strident and foreboding. There is much noodling going on and whispering and guitars and drums meandering all over the place, there are even some ooooh’s and aaaah’s.

To be frank it’s kind of heavy man.

I today came to the conclusion that right now and for the duration of about 5-8 minutes, depending on the version I choose Careful With That Axe Eugene is my all time favorite Floyd track. I particularly like the way on Relics it almost fades into Cirrus Minor.

Careful With That Axe Eugene appears to have as many names as there are versions, Murdersitic/Murderotic Women, Come iN No.51 you time is up and on and on, the live versions when Waters lets loose the scream are the better ones, take Brighton in 1972 fearsome. It also demonstrates how brave and different Floyd were before they became prisoners to their own legend and bloated themselves out of relevance with a cocaine fueled argument that has rambled on for decades. Careful  With That Axe Eugene is a band experimenting, jamming, improvising pushing their own boundaries and the audiences. It left the set around 1973 and I don’t think it ever returned, once the corporate monster took charge this type of pushing of limits became seemingly something to alienate and audience rather than attract one.

Of course all that is pretentious B.S. just take the time to lose yourself in the scream.



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