The other week and only joking…

It’s a tale as old as rock and roll, a tale of exploitation, sex drugs and rock and roll.

Throw a big party at which the acid is flowing, plug in some instruments invite a bunch of underpaid and underfed musicians, feed them and then record the resulting  jam session. Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser managed to get five albums in  worth of music out of it all in one year before Klaus Schulze got pissed off enough to sue him.

Cosmic Jokers  is almost exactly what you would expect, in habitant a space somewhere between early Pink Floyd and the mellower moments of Hawkwind. It’s good to see that not all acid jams result in endless nodding and navel gazing. I have an image in my head of oh so fashionable blonde Teutons sitting around cooler than cool and barley managing to hold the noodles in their head from leaking out of their ears as the acid hits.

Let’s also remember that this has one of the all time classic album covers. How cool is that 50’s sci-fi album sleeve with the German rockets launching into the future on waves of lysergic music.


If the cover wasn’t enough it had Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttschling, Dieter Dierks, Harals Grobkopf and Jurgen Dollase. The very exotic nature of these names is enough to testify that this is music that you should listen to.

This weeks listening in pictures, none of which are very interesting, I have been meaning to work on my photography skills for years now and time and again don’t bother.

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