explain it all with a sigh…

In the midst of the punk rock revolution of 1977 the beloved Moody Blues decided to release an album of a concert from back in the dinosaur era for most punk rockers of 1969. This either shows that Justin and the boys were just totally unaware of what was going on around them or they just wanted to show that relevance is fleeting and while in the mid 70’s they may have been considered a bloated irrelevancy, in the 60’s they were cutting edge experimental and probably took more drugs.

I am going with the second reason as I like to give the Moody’s the benefit of the doubt.

I had no idea until I found this record that this was a 1969 recording, thats because my copy was on a C-90 cassette recorded for me by cousin Tony. My cassette did not even have a track listing included so I actually never knew the real names of some of the songs.  I may have actually been responsible for the death of recorded music with the amount of home taping I was involved in. This was the only Moody Blues album I had and that was only because of Justin Hayward’s involvement in Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds. Now I have quite a lot because they turn up in thrift stores a lot, seems they were a popular beat group.

Side 3. is the killer side with Nights In White Satin and Legend of a Mind.

It’s one of the worst album covers ever in my opinion, Hipgnosis really dropped the ball or they were taking the piss, maybe it was all the cocaine from their work with Floyd.

I am going to have to listen to that Cluster album again now, well maybe tomorrow.


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