people get what they deserve…

I just had to take a seat realizing Eye by Robyn Hitchcock is 30 years old this year. This may be more life altering than realizing I am 54 and several pounds overweight. My rebellious years are apparently history.

So what are the vestiges of my younger life that are still relevant to my current life? Converse shoes, DM’s, apparently grey sweatshirts, live concerts, I drive a ridiculous car, sitting still and listening to records, reading real books, a love of thermos flasks, flannel shirts, Levi 501’s, loud music, the blonde asleep next to me, sometimes she’s awake, impulsive buys and walks in the rain. Of course some of those things are not so relevant really they just still are.

This is the second time I have rambled on about this album, oh how the memory fades.

So what does Eye have to offer late at night to these aged and aging ears? It is a fine collection of songs, all acoustic. It doesn’t rely so much on humor as some other Hitchcock releases which is surprising and pleasant. It’s a fine album in other words by studied eccentric Hitchcock. The vocals are a bit in your face though.


All of this came about as I bought tickets for his show in Portland, all I have to do now is figure out parking, this is a thing that has changed, in the past this would have been an irrelevancy as I plotted the excesses of the evening. Currently the only thing I am considering is where to park and what should we eat on the evening. In the past it would have been which bars to hit beforehand and gauging how well to stay just enough in control not to get thrown out of the venue.

Oh how we have all aged.


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