I’m really sure about getting things sorted out…

Well I told the short sordid story of my Whitesnake show here:“here’s a song for ya!!!!”

Since writing that I was reminded of the existence of the double album version of Live In The Heart of the City here: 2loud20ldmusic , then I had to embark on the search for the double album because, well because I collect shit. I was also as part of my search reminded by my lifelong friend and repository of all Snake legends that the Come An’ Get It tour was not the last time I saw Coverdale and the chaps but we had attended both nights of the Slide It In tour at the Royal Court and that was the night my brunette siren had stole my attention, well at least on Feb 23rd, Feb 24th was reserved as a boys night out. The Come an’ Get It tour had just been a boys night out, in fact contrary to my memory we had been at every Whitesnake Gig in Liverpool starting in 1979, this would make Whitesnake one of the first gigs I went to without my cousin Tony as he would not have stooped so low, in his opinion.

Gooey also reminded me that at that Slide It In Gig Mr Coverdale had sworn to always play Liverpool, a promise he never kept. Gooey’s feeling is that he moved on from his working class roots and got a little uppity with himself with the L.A. crowd, something Gooey let him know in 2006 when he finally came back to town.

This is all leading up to the fact that with the help of Gooey, John and Rosey I am the proud possessor of the UK double album version of Live in the Heart of the City and it rocks. There is enough testosterone on these four sides to cause significant problems in a Viagra factory. I don’t think there is actually a side of Whitesnake music that can compete with the Side 4. double whammy of Trouble and Mistreated, it is majestic, pompous and rocking enough for all you rockers out there.

While they won’t win any awards for lyrical brilliance or sensitivity Whitesnake for a brief period were the working class band that would fill the need for every bedenimed and sweaty youth that was out to spend his cash on the weekend.

All I need is a copy of Saints and Sinners and all will be well in my Whitesnake collection which just goes to make the statement that this and Ready and Willing was all the Whitesnake anyone needs appear really stupid now.


2 thoughts on “I’m really sure about getting things sorted out…

  1. Nice. The only Whitesnake I am missing is the Purple Album, the double LP of Live and an original Snakebite. The others I am missing on vinyl aren’t on vinyl yet so they don’t count…I have those on CD though.

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