12 inches…

I have seldom understood the purpose of the 12 inch remix/mix, especially in this day and age of the digital world, and then if there are five on one album should they still be called  12 inch mixes because while they are on a 12 inch platter they are not singly so?

Damn it’s Kate Bush they are great, everyone needs more Kate let’s face it, it is also a throw back to my days in the 80’s of being a bit shall we say smitten by the fair Ms. Bush. Damn who am I kidding I am still somewhat smitten. Apart from Experiment IV all the songs are from Hounds of Love which probably wrongly makes me think that Kates fascination with the 12 inch was fleeting.

Thats also a very beguiling picture on the cover.


Does anybody else feel that the 180g release has robbed us of the chance to shake the record and get that lovely wobble feeling and sound, it’s such a disappointment to shake a solid piece of vinyl.


4 thoughts on “12 inches…

  1. jprobichaud

    Haha. I forgot about the wobbly thing. When I started collecting again a bunch of years ago, I decided to buy mainly new pressings so many of my records won’t wobble. But yeah, I used to wobble when I was a youngster.

  2. J.

    Yeah, I miss that wobble. I occasionally wobble one of the older LPs before I put it on. I have a few Dynaflex LPs too… I wish that caught on.

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