well I like your feather bed…

Finally after years of indecisiveness I am sat here listening to my newly acquired Live at the L.A. Troubadour by Fairport Convention. Universally accepted as perhaps the worst album cover ever to adorn the Island years of the band, and that includes some dodgy sleeves.

It is however my entry point to all things Fairport and for this I am ever grateful. It’s also a pretty excellent album if confusing. The band were obviously on fire during their residency at the Troubadour and I am not sure why we get Yellow Bird and an outtake from Full House instead of more of the crushingly frighteningly brutal Full House lineup of Fairport Convention. Yes Poor Will and the Jolly Hangman deserved to be released but there had to be a version of Tam Lin or Genesis Hall or maybe Journeyman’s Grace laying around. Maybe one day the L.A. Tapes will come out with Linda Ronstadt and Led Zeppelin appearing and we will get to relive that crazy week. Legend still say that Fairport are still paying the bar bill.

House Full is probably better but like I said this was the start of something of an obsession, and yes I did just order the new CD.


3 thoughts on “well I like your feather bed…

    1. I would have bought this as well the playing is terrific, Liege and lief always sounds a bit polite this sounds the way folk-rock should, wild irreverent and maybe a little drunk.

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