and your only friend is music…

Late at night as I browse the internet lost in thought and wondering what to buy next sometimes I make these silly decisions, mainly around my 3 dollar bids on eBay. The theory being that sometimes people miss things and that occasionally you will get lucky and with mail it seldom comes to more than 10 dollars. So I end up with a massive amount of 3 dollar bids sitting out there waiting to come to fruition or nothing, I really do get a lot of your bid was beaten emails the skill is in not feeling you have to have something so bad that you bid again, unless you have to have it.

In this way I bought NEU ’75. The album arrived, the packaging was okay but did show someone was upset to only get 3 dollars perhaps.

IMG_2794.JPGI settle down to listen to an album I had never really listened to, lulled a bit by the motorik beat, mellowing my mind on the soundscapes almost ambient tracks on some one, Isi, Seeland and Leb’ Wohl all flowed around my brain creating images in the dark. Suitably relaxed I flipped the album and came face to face with Hero, a surging roiling slice of in your face spitting and biting angry punk, as if the Pink Fairies crashed a Brian Eno convention and switched the tapes. Barely decipherable lyrics, guitars and bass crashing around the driving drums with some caterwauling fuck you vocal style. E-Musik manages next to groove along in a hypnotic way, predictable drums, some neanderthal guitar strumming, phasing and the keyboards. Then After Eight kicks you in the balls, grinds it’s heel in and rolls you over to dance in stilettos on your back. Lets be honest I have no idea what they are singing about and really don’t care, I had to google the lyrics at the end of the day.

It really is a good thing I had never heard this. I was not ready for it, it’s exciting and invigorating and really a lot of why I listen to music, the discovery of new sounds and songs and melodies and crushing guitars.

And with that the New Year arrived, so Happy NEU Year and all that.

In no particular order and with no explanation this weeks listening.


5 thoughts on “and your only friend is music…

  1. You signpost some fascinating and lightly trodden paths here. As a fan of Faust, Can, Tangerine Dream etc. I should give Neu a go. Just finished reading ‘Electric Eden’ so have opened up to new sounds – Nick Drake, for one, who I’ve unfairly disparaged previously.

      1. Good thing about reading it alongside the internet, you can listen to the music it mentions. I learned a lot I didn’t know. Mainly about how conditioned I am by mainstream culture – a theme I hope to develop!

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