fourth world…

It’s an odd old world, spent the day raging at the injustices befalling me to only realize they were of my own making. Resulting in the question from my wife, “what stage are we in today?” The answer firmly being the ambient stage.

IMG_2764.JPGLeadings to Possible Musics, the Brian Eno, John Hassell collaboration.

Treated trumpets and handclaps and guitars and basses, landing somewhere between jazz and experimental, seldom does the trumpet sound like a trumpet although it is the lead instrument. It is insistent and driving and quiet and restrained, except when it’s not, who knew. Somehow it suits the mood as we transition from eve to day. The season is upon us and good will is raining down in an almost palpable way. The money has been spent and the presents wrapped, the meatballs are made and ready to go in the oven tomorrow. The family has gathered, well most of them actually live with us. Currently we have four generations under one roof. It’s an old fashioned way of living, complete with frustrations, remonstrations, salutations and consternations, as well as many a hug, snuggle and some help with lifting the heavier shit.

This all made so much more sense last night, now it’s into the night of the day and the IMG_2774meatballs are eaten, gifts unwrapped and I am sat here alone with the dog, the house is silent except for Aerial by Kate Bush which really deserves a better post than this, Maybe one day but for now this is what it gets, seems I am leaving the ambient stage.

Me and the dog took a long walk today as I streamed this in my ears and now I am here with the record late into the night where maybe it belongs although it is light an airy really. As I waded through the mud puddles and sheltered under a tree from the rainfall I was reminded of how lucky we all are to live here. It’s going to be work but if the collective effort of four generations can’t do it I am not sure it can be done. This last year has been about creating a space to be, pushing the berry bushes back, connecting with the county about a plan for the riparian sections and just getting it together in the country. Then we were faced with a crushing blow or two that shook us, I think we are heading in the right direction though.

This was the view from the walk, I think that something special will be left here soon.


For those who have missed it here is some tractor porn, a cheeky view through the trees.


Happy whatever you all celebrate and I hope the New Year brings what you hope for including, health, happiness and prosperity and if none of those at least Peace Man.


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