tell me what you’re looking for…

I deleted all the drafts, there were 17. it was somewhat liberating although this is the internet and nothing is ever really deleted, I know I can get them back if I want to.

It was getting silly, write a few lines, take a picture, leave it alone and the next day begin again with another few lines, some had no title, some only a few words in the page, some where just titles. It’s not writers block as little of this could really be called writing other than the act of putting words on the virtual page.

For the past few months my social network presence has been limited to posting pictures of records I am listening to on a Facebook group I belong to, attacking the racism of some of my relatives on the same platform and the few posts I have managed on here. So what to do as it’s too late to stop blogging it seems as I don’t have the self control to say I’m done and mean it.

That all being said…

What we have here is a slice of Texas Blues Rock produced by the Welsh guitar genius Dave Edmunds which goes to prove everything is better with a little Welsh influence involved. This is Tuff Enuff by the aptly need Fabulous Thunderbirds.

Carrying the bands only hit right at the start of the album, with Tuff Enuff,  appearing on the soundtrack to Tough Guys the Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas 1986 geriatric heist comedy as well as many appearances on Married With Children. The album is a rockin’ and rollin’ roots rock extravaganza, with contributions from the Welsh Valleys and the L.A. Barrio it is truly a multi-cultural whirlwind. There is also the more talented Vaughn brother on guitar in the person of one Jimmie Vaughn who may not have the drug fueled screaming histrionics of his brother on guitar, he does however manage to be both tasteful and incisive in his playing without the fluff and kerfuffle of Stevie Ray.


In the words of the hit:

“Ain’t that tough enough?”

In the interest of the season, the most autumnal picture I have taken so far:


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