the ruling class doesn’t fight the war…

I was going to wax lyrical about something or other, explain the dialectic of living in America, the generosity, the warmness, the hate and ugliness, round it all off with some sort of philosophical laxative and smile.

In reality I was just hanging out at the end of the day and playing Son Volt and wondering how we all got here.

“Who’s winning the war?”

I saw a piece the other day saying the USA has been at war for 93% of it’s existence that has nothing to do with who is in the oval office. It’s a sobering thought and I cannot imagine what the statistic is for the UK or any other European colonial power. Yes I now that conflict impart of life but as a species aren’t we better than this.

Enough of that, some tractor porn, this was the view as I headed out to work yesterday. Should’ve stayed home and done some tractoring as Michelle says, yes tractor is now a verb.

Another thing I realized this evening, I like Son Volt better than Wilco, they just sound more honest, of course that is how I feel right now and it will be subject to change.


Tomorrow I am going to play something fluffy and warm, some rock and roll to end the night.

7 thoughts on “the ruling class doesn’t fight the war…

  1. I connect more with Son Volt too, but they are very different from entities even though they share origins. Tweedy is a great writer, no doubt. No criticism there when you realize he wrote a lot of Mavis Staples material in the last several years. Farrar’s voice though. What a great vocalist!

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